Claremont Montessori

Boca Raton's most individualized private school

serving grades 1-8.

Established 1992 by Harvey and Nancy Hallenberg

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We are currently accepting applications for the 2014-2015 school year.

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All School Fall Picnic

October 19. 2014
3:00 PM-6:00 PM
Patch Reef Park
Pavillions 2 & 3

Why Choose Our Montessori Program?

To impress potential parents most Montessori schools list the names of individuals who have made something of their lives, individuals who spent a year or more in Montessori environments as children. Julia Child or Jeff Bezos, the founder of, come to mind rather readily. But, there is no guarantee that a child attending any Montessori school will become another Julia Child or Jeff Bezos.


Montessori classrooms do not manufacture geniuses, but a genuine genius might not be stifled in a Montessori classroom because his or her individual interests will be allowed to "flower."


There is respect for individual interests in Montessori classrooms. Teacher/guides are trained to cultivate their students' interests as well as cover the "subjects" or "basics" that are taught in all schools: reading, spelling, handwriting, composition, grammar, arithmetic, geometric reasoning, natural science, physical science, geography, history, artistic expression and history, musical expression and history, etc.


What sets the Claremont Montessori School apart from other public and private schools is not the content of the curriculum so much as the fact that this curriculum is transmitted without the burden of an imposed homework regimen or a system of competitive grades.


Children learn at the Claremont Montessori School because the teacher guides have made the curriculum interesting, even exciting. Textbooks and workbooks are not used at the elementary level except in the teaching of Spanish and French languages.


Our students have demonstrated exceptional interests in horse biology, trigonometry, human anatomy, cosmology, comparative literature, mythology, political science, peace studies and meteorology to name just a few disciplines that were pursued individually or in small groups with the assistance of cooperative teacher/guides. Where will these special interests lead our students? Only time will tell.


The Claremont Montessori School campus is located adjacent to Florida Atlantic University. For the past twenty-three years our students have "mined" the resources of F.A.U. Currently, six former Claremont students are enrolled in F.A.U.'s ground-breaking High School program, and one just graduated from that program in mid-May. Admission to F.A.U.'s High School is extremely competitive. Once enrolled, ninth-graders spend a year in a more traditional sequestered high school enviornment. But, tenth, eleventh and twelfth-graders take their classes with college students on F.A.U.'s main campus. All of these classes are equivalent to advanced-placement classes.